Leave the Plans Behind

Botmark is a contractor developed service specializing in complete plan development which includes proprietary annotated point descriptions becoming the complete layout plan criteria. Combined with the simple design of our layout tool, overall performance is unmatched by your current and any other robotic method in today’s industry. Begin your robotic plan enhancement with Botmark.

Step 1: Share

Start by providing us with your engineered plans. Botmark supports processing for ALL industry plans in .DXF and .DWG formats.

Step 2: We Get To Work

Our proprietary software is used to convert your plans into points with an easy-to-learn coding scheme. In a timely manner, the plan is processed along with the important process of establishing control points and best fitting (centering) your plan onto the building survey. Control points ensure your ability for the correct setup of your layout process.

Step 3: Experience

We will train you to layout, utilizing your "go-to" referencing of the robot. You will be directly marking wall thicknesses and projecting directions described for each
point using our 12 inch slide ruler attached to a prism base eliminating the time consumption of direct point setting. We enjoy training of the simplicity our plan
and tool provides for diagonal partitions and other features that were time-consuming in other methods you may be using.

Step 4: Build

Going to work on your own is easy. We provide detailed instructions along with a direct line to work you through any layout situation you are unable to resolve in 5 minutes or less; this is our way of guaranteeing your success.

Video Demonstration

If you already own or are thinking of a robotic purchase; are you desiring to
experience the simplicity of the performance you see in this video?

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